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Functional Case Review

Functional Case Review

This private review of your health history, current state of health, diet and lifestyle can give you a naturopathic and functional health action plan to help you reach your goals.  After reviewing your extensive assessments and health history, along with any recent lab work, you will meet with a functional health coach to lay out a holistic action plan.

A case review is great for a second opinion or if you don't feel heard by your current care team, or if you are just seeking direction to take control of your health.


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As part of our GLOW Case Review Package you’ll receive:

  • A private consultation with one of our providers to tell your story and explain your goals.
  • You’ll be put through a complete functional medicine intake and timeline where we will learn all about your history, your current state of health, past and current treatments, exposures, stresses, and your lifestyle.
  • We’ll review any recent lab work and recommend optional labs that might help fill in some of the missing pieces.
  • Then you’ll meet with our physician’s assistant, one-on-one, for a full hour to discuss your case, and your next steps.

Our recommendations will include the most appropriate functional lab testing, lifestyle shifts, nutrition plans, stress reduction practices, and recommended supplement support.